Friday, June 27, 2008

Of Time Zones and Authors:

Hello readers, Peter Metzger here. I'll be guest-writing this week's post, but will be doing so at a later hour. You see, while it is probably in the vicinity of six A.M. where most of you are, I happen to be in Hawaii at the moment, where it is nearly midnight. As such, I will be writing (just realized "it's Friday!") and posting (can't post it 'till I write it eh?) this week's webcomic update tomorrow during the day, which I presume will equate to afternoon or evening for most or all of you.

Thanks for understanding (I hope!)

-Peter M. Metzger

P.S. shameless self-promotion time (as long as Jackson doesn't tell me to remove it...)
If you need to occupy your time while waiting on the new post, feel free to check out my Hawaii photos here: