Saturday, July 25, 2009

7/24: Week-in-Review in Comic Form #3 (finally!)

Co-written by Jackson Ferrell and Eli Parker; illustrated by Jackson Ferrell
Unwinder appears courtesy of Unwinder's Tall Comics
Abe Lincoln appears courtesy of Thinkin' Lincoln, or maybe just history
(and frankly he'd probably make a more tolerable co-host, disembodied floating head or not)


g0m said...

Hey, I got a request comic requested too. Good times.

Nicholas Never said...

Starslip never ceases to entertain. I'm surprised at how many projects he currently is running, as well as continuously entertained by his previous projects.

I also can't wait to see where Miles goes with Creep House; it's definitely a different style (both in terms of art, content, and tone) than he's done previously.

I'll have to remember to come by for your weekly round up again.

Jackson said...

Straub is a prolific cartoonist, and he's good at what he does. I still wish he'd bring back F Chords, though--in my opinion, it's his best project to date. Starslip's "hard reboot" was amazingly executed, and the "diplomatic missions to new alien species" turn it's taken since has provided some thoroughly engaging storylines.

Thanks for stopping by, Nicholas! (And you too, g0m. I couldn't find your requested Request Comic, though.)

g0m said...

It was this one:

And hey, that also has to do with Abraham Lincoln's floating head!

Jackson said...

Hah--it ties in quite nicely. Thanks g0m!