Monday, July 6, 2009

Poll: Review Requestions, Anyone?

Hello, all. I hope you had a good 4th of July weekend. I hope you also enjoyed this past week's comic-form update. It is democracy that makes this country truly great, and let it never be said that I don't listen to the voice of the masses. As part of my ongoing quest to give the peoples what they want, I would like to know what comic you want me to review next, so please take a moment to vote in the poll above. I'm still working on the free waffles, but in the meantime, you can let me know what reviews you're interested in.

If you enjoyed the comic-form update, please share it with a friend who likes comics. Thanks, guys--I'll see you again on Friday.


Aoede said...

Hi! New reader here with a completely off-topic question: Are you the Jackson Ferrell who posted a lot of awesome stuff to 55aDay?


Jackson said...

One and the same. These days, I am talkin' about webcomics.

Aoede said...

I see that :) Well, well, ad lib.

Tony said...

Give it to Marooned! Tom could use the publicity!