Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This Guy is Going to Put Me out of a Job

Webcomics Update

As a webcomic blogger, I sometimes find myself beaten at my own game. I'll be considering doing a comic-form update, and then the Webcomic TV guy goes and starts Webcomic TV. Just recently, I was thinking of writing a review of Daisy Owl, and then El Santo of Webcomics Overlook goes and posts a review that pretty much says it all. And now there's this guy, the Webcomics Update Guy.

What I do roughly every week with my "Week in Review" posts, this guy does every day. He reads a host of webcomics and writes a few lines of summary and reaction to each daily update. It's what I do, only more concise and more frequent. Curse you, Webcomics Update Guy! You have rendered me obsolete!

In all seriousness, I thought you guys might enjoy seeing what this guy is up to. Drop back here on Friday for your usual week-in-review post...assuming you haven't all migrated over to Webcomics Update. Or, for that matter, Is It Funny Today?, which is still the best online equivalent of the newspaper funny pages. Open it up and find yourself some funny.


Aoede said...

Different perspectives are always cool, otherwise reviewers of anything would just give up on something once it had been reviewed by one person. :P

Jackson said...

Oh, don't mind me--I'm just makin' with the self-deprecating humor. ;)

SoySauce said...

You have no idea how much I had needed to see something like this. I had been beating myself up over stuff going on in my life (mostly self-inflicted, which was a major reason for my personal displeasure), and then I find out that somebody had actually written a blog post favoring me. It was a huge shock, but a good one. Thanks.