Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Secret Origins of This Week in Webcomics

Hi, everyone. Let me tell you a story that is long overdue.

My brother and I used to talk about webcomics. Some comic would post up an awesome strip, and we'd be all like "Oh my gosh, did you see Real Life today?" or "Dude, Penny Arcade brought back the Deep Crow!" or "You gotta check out Tuesday's Starslip, man. It totally ripped on postmodern art!"

But then something happened. Somehow, my brother stopped reading webcomics, all except for Girl Genius, which I don't read--and suddenly our weekly webcomic discussions came to a halt. I found myself asking, who can I talk about webcomics with? After giving it some thought, I decided to talk about them with the internet.

The purpose of this blog is a simple one: it's a place where you and I can talk about webcomics with each other. I want to share my thoughts with you, and I want to hear your thoughts. If you found a strip funny and I failed to mention it in the week's recap, drop a comment and give us all a link! If you didn't find a particular strip I mentioned all that funny, say so, and tell us why. Even if you just have some general reflections, go ahead and share those too. Anything's fair game, and webcomics are fun, so let's talk about webcomics.

If you'd like to contact me via email, you can reach me at DeathbyChiasmus -at- gmail -dot- com.

UPDATE: As of May 2011, TWIW is not currently reviewing webcomics in any formal capacity. That said, if you're a cartoonist, feel free to shoot an email and tell me about your webcomic. It's always fun to find new reading material, and I just might find a moment to look your comic over and perhaps give it a shout if I particularly enjoy it.


Bil said...

hi, i'm new to your blog and ran a quick search which led me to believe you've never mentioned Achewood -can this be true?
i'm not saying you gotta love it; i think hearing from someone who doesn't would be interesting, but it's just such a presence in webcomics.

Jackson said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Bill! Achewood's not on my "read regularly" list; I only stop by occasionally. That said, it has got the best characterization of any webcomic I've read. Every so often someone will say something that reminds me: hey, been awhile since I checked out Achewood. Like your comment! I just surfed over and got caught up on the Molly-and-Roast-Beef wedding thing, which was hilarious. Ray's line "We gonna marry the HELL outta that woman!" had me in hysterics.

I may not mention it much in my posts, but Achewood could certainly stand a spot in the sidebar o' links to the right. Thanks again for bringing it up, Bill!

Sam Little said...


Just popping in via a link from The Floating Lightbulb. I have a webcomic called UNTRUE TALES that could probably benefit from a review or two. I'm kinda new to the whole webcomic world so I'm not really up on the protocol and whatnot. Hope I'm not being too spamalicious here. Anyways, if you feel like checking out UT it can be found at: http://www.untruetales.com/

Oh there's kind of a lot of swearing in it, just so you know.


Sam Little said...

...and now I just noticed that I posted in a topic from two months ago. Truly I am unencumbered by a clue. :)

Jackson said...

It's all good, Samster. Ari really likes your comic, so I expect we'll see a review from him sometime soon! I might even get in on the review action myself.

Sam Little said...

Hey wow great! Thanks, Jackson!

Unknown said...

Hey... just discovered your blog and bookmarked it. If you're ever short on web comics to review, you're more than welcome to check out my Capes & babes strip. It's been out for just a little over a year now (165 strips and counting).

The URL is http://www.capesnbabes.com if you want to check it out.


Luke Surl said...

Hey, similar to the guys above, if you feel like having a look at my comic (www.lukesurl.com) sometime that'd be grand. Just done strip number 108 now, and it's be good to get a critical angle on it.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your site! Your reviews are detailed and interesting. I'd be curious to know what you think of my 'webcomic'


If you feel like it I'd be happy to hear your opinion on it. Thanks!


Robukka said...

Insightful I find your take on Marooned:

MY comic is abstract yet hilarious, in a way: http://robukka.stripgenerator.com

Anonymous said...

Just as a press-release, we would like to inform all comic and webcomic oriented media that the first online weekly comic from tiny Slovenia, called Paradise Misplaced, recently hit the web.

Created by small-time hermit and self-proclaimed holy man Anonymus Gosh, it recounts the goings on in Eden at the beginning of time with a fresh sin being propagated by a different animal every week.
Adam, Eve, God and the gang have not only the old-fashioned snake-and-apple to fear but also monkeys selling tropical fruit, sloths offering comfy beds and bunnies plugging the playboy lifestyle.

Read it (and even better, review it publicly in for many readers) every Sunday at www.paradisemisplaced.si

Best regards and may Gosh be with you

Paradise Misplaced, ed.

Jim Cleaveland said...

Howdy! Could you perchance give my comic a review? My name is Jim Cleaveland, and I produce "The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!" at http://bobadventures.comicgenesis.com which just celebrated its fourth birthday. It's a serialized science fiction & humor strip chronicling the adventures of Bob Smithson, formerly the world's most average man, who has suddenly and inexplicably become a magnet for all things weird and paranormal. He sees these crises through with decency, common sense, and a very thick skull. If you go perusing the Stories archive, my favorite arc is "There But For the Grace." Thanks!

David The Comic Artist Guy said...

Hey, great reviews man! I was wondering if I could be so lucky as to be reviewed. My webcomic is beyond the mystical link here: http://comicretard.blogspot.com/ If you can't, my feelings won't be hurt.

mildegard said...

Hello :)

Please take a look at my webcomic "Gifts of wandering ice":


It's a sci-fi story about distant future after new ice age and people who try to restore their history by studying the "ice gifts" - various things melting icebergs bring to their shores.