Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanks to Our Linkers, and Some Other Things

In recent weeks, a number of people and webcomics blogs have not only been reading us, but linking to us. That's pretty cool of you guys! I'm glad you enjoy reading mine and Ari's and occasionally other guys' webcomic thoughts. But I just wanted to note that--and this is something that you probably already recognize if you read this blog--the real heroes here are the creators who work hard to craft quality comics on a timely schedule, for you to read for free.

Still, I wanted to recognize some of our linkers here. These sites also talk about webcomics, and they can point you to fun material with some interesting remarks. Perhaps you would like to visit them? Perhaps!
Webcomic Asylum
The Floating Lightbulb
Webcomic Overlook

Another note, real quick. From a link at Multiplex, I came across No Pink Ponies and found myself checking out the archives. It's enjoyable, roughly comparable to prime-time TV in terms of entertainment value (emotional drama and hilarious antics!), and the art is pretty good. Subject matter? A girl starts a comic book store in order to attract the attention of a guy she's got a crush on. Not a bad comic, and maybe you'd like to check it out.

Finally, a joke for you. How is 24 Hour Comics Day just like an abusive mule herder? Both of them kicked my

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Jack Carter. said...

No problem. And man I wish I was able to take part in 24 hr comics day! GAAAAH!!!