Friday, November 28, 2008

Guest Bloggery

Happy Black Friday everyone! My name is Jennifer and I will be your guest blogger for this week. Now that you've gone out, bought that HDTV you've been waiting to go on sale all year, and have fully recovered from waiting in line since 1am this morning, let's get to some webcomics goodness. :)

- Although Multiplex only had one front page update this week, it was a mighty good update. I really liked that Franklin rallied behind Calvin and gave such an encouraging speech. You can read a future strip that happens after the game in the forums.

- McPedro, the loveable talkin Irish-Mexican cactus in Girls With Slingshots, is on the hunt to reclaim his mustache. Unfortunately, his mustache has a bit of assistance hiding from him. Danielle Corsetto's strip is well drawn and I always enjoy her storylines. After the drama-heavy story arcs of the past couple of weeks, it's nice to see some lighthearted strips and McPedro pop up.

- As if Joe Dunn isn't doing enough already, he and Phil Chan have teamed up again to bring you Another Videogame Webcomic. But why read it when there's Penny Arcade, Ctrl-Alt-Del, PvP, Applegeeks, VG Cats, Dueling Analogs, etc.? As Phil describes it, AVW is "Tron meets Office Space. Our characters literally work in the video games." I think it's a clever premise and look forward to reading this strip every Friday. There are only 3 strips up so now's a great time to get on board.

- Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for this chainsawsuit to come true.

- I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this week's Bobwhite story arc. Or maybe not. I know I can. I like Magnolia's writing because it's how college students act and talk. Plus, her comics are drawn in a unique style that I really like.

- Although it's not from this week, I really liked Jackson's strip in Borderline Boy about Twilight. I won't go near that book and movie because the only people who seem to like it are teenage girls, and as I'm not a teenage girl then no thanks.

- Rob and Elliot is trying out a new style, and I like this week's better than last week's. Removing the outline around the characters was a good choice.

- A big congratulations goes out to Alina Pete for two years of Weregeek! It's one of my favorite webcomics because, although I do not get half of the jokes, I appreciate the geekiness. Girl geeks rule. ^_^

Final plug: Kukuburi. Visually beautiful with a compelling story. I wish it updated more than once a week!

And now I'm going to go stuff myself with leftover turkey. Have a great weekend!

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Brock said...

Hi there. Just found this great blog through the Webcomic Overlook. Looking forward to diving in. Glad to see we share an appreciation for YHT!

Would love it if you'd consider taking a look at the SuperFogeys, my webcomic about old superheroes in a nursing home. It's been running about 2 years now and I think it would be a natural for coverage here if it struck your fancy.

In any case, I'll be around. Thanks!