Friday, March 6, 2009

Recommendation Rampage Friday

Sometimes, when you blog about webcomics, guys who have webcomics ask you for reviews. This is a cool thing, because you like to read webcomics and say things about webcomics, and bam, here is another webcomic to read and say things about. But it can be a crazy thing too, because sometimes you get inundated up to your elbows with review requests and you're just like AAAAAHHHHH.

Because reviews take time, you know? And good reviews take even more time. You want to read enough of it to get a good feel for it, and you want to give it a fair shake. Some awesome comics are obviously awesome, but some comics have hidden awesomeness that you must uncover. Maybe the art starts off dodgy but improves over time. Maybe the comic tells an extended story that starts off slow but really finds its footing a few months in. Maybe it's great, maybe it's bad, more than likely it's somewhere in between, but whatever the case, you want to be fair to the comic. And that takes time.

But there are other things going on in your life. And even though you want to support great cartooning, you can't always review every single comic you get told about.

So, I've got a compromise.

What follows is a list of comics whose creators and/or fans have requested a review from me. I've taken some time to look over each of these comics, and I've boldfaced my top recommendations from the list--titles that represent high-quality cartooning regardless of my subjective preferences. Some of the creators have even provided a short summary of their comic.

So, take a look at a couple of these. Check out the summaries, and if a given comic sounds like your style, give it a read.

And if you yourself want to recommend a comic? Just drop a link in the comments section. After all, it is Recommendation Rampage Friday.

Capes 'n' Babes: The everyday adventures of comic-book store manager Marc and his friends working at neighboring stores in the strip mall. Capes 'n' Babes features comic book fan humor, workplace humor, and a werewolf.

Road Crew: a comic about the guys behind the scenes of a touring rock band, "Road Crew" follows the adventures of a sound engineer, a lighting engineer, and a roadie as they fall through the gaps of rock-and-roll excess. (WARNING: occasionally NSFW)

Addanac City: Seven-year-old Hank Addanac, a rambunctious 2nd-grader, constantly finds himself in hot water with his parents, friends, and school officials.

The Superfogeys: Where do old superheroes go when it's time to out of the game? To Valhalla--Home for the Supertired.

Someday Hero
The Pursuit of Mandy

Clementine Beauvais

The Original Nutty Funsters: Three friends wax sarcastic, put up with annoying neighbors, and barely put up with each other.

The Home World: Garrett and his dog Speedy's ordinary suburban life quickly took a turn for the weird when the Smiths showed up. For starters, they're gray, have triangular heads and large almond-shaped eyes, and tend to attract Federal Agents and tabloid reporters...

Marooned: Stranded on the hostile red planet of Mars, Captain John and his robot companion Asimov find unlikely aid in the form of Ugo the Martian. In order to survive and find a way home, John and Asimov must face the dangers of stupidity, sarcasm and starvation.

Galaxion: The crew of an interstellar survey ship, the Galaxion, tests a new experimental hyperdrive engine.

Astray3: Emily Hargrove, a daydreamer who works at the local Burgerville restaurant, suddenly finds herself transported to a confusing alien world of intrigue, danger, and strange creatures.

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