Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poll Results: You Guys Like Superfogeys

The masses have spoken! Thanks to Brock Heasley's inundation of the polls with his many readers, Superfogeys has carried the day and earned itself yet another review. To be entirely fair, I have mixed feelings about how fair such tactics are. On the one hand, I hold these polls in order to let you, my readers, choose the comics you want to see reviewed, not complete strangers who only came here because a cartoonist asked them to. On the other hand, those who voted may well come back to check out the review, since if they cared enough to vote for their favorite comic, they may also be interested in what people are saying about it.

On the third hand, I love traffic. So, cartoonists, send me your voters. Let's get a new poll going on here, with the following options up for grabs:

On a note only related insofar as it is about comics: long before I got into webcomics, long before there was even a web of note to put comics on, I read comic books. Specifically, I read Valiant's Nintendo Comics System titles. In second grade, I spent many an afternoon enjoying the selection at my local comic shop, reading the adventures of Captain N, Link, and the Super Mario Brothers, and I, like Chris Flick, have many fond comic-book shop memories.

Sadly, I found the following in my basement just recently:

Just look at that mildew! My childhood dreams are covered in nasty grossness.

What were your first comic experiences? What are some of your favorite comic-reading memories? Drop a little nostalgia my way, because all my nostalgia is moist and wrinkly.


Brock said...

Hey Jackson,

I gather from your post you're of two minds on this subject, but I hope you're not displeased with the results overall. I don't mean to play unfairly. I know that I've been in other competitions before and its been frustrating when webcomics with massive readerships take the prize, leaving those who are just starting hanging out to dry. It seems like popularity instead of quality or who should win is the order of the day in a case like that. However, I've also come to realize that those webcomics (and, I suppose, in the case of this poll and depending on who you ask I do one of "those webcomics") have the readership they do for a reason. The creators have worked hard to build the base they have. In that way, they absolutely deserve the rewards that come from that. My readership numbers are only just now starting to get somewhat impressive. I've lost plenty of competitions before now so winning the TWIW poll means a lot to me.

But, you don't care about any of that. You've already bottom lined it - Comics like SF and Eben07 bring in more eyeballs. No, not everyone who came to support SF will stick around, but I'd be surprised if you don't pick up a few new readers this week. I hope you do.

Looking forward to your review of SF Chapters 4-6! That's a big chunk of story and I'm curious how you're gonna handle that. Can't wait.

Jackson said...

Well, bear in mind that I also think cynicism is funny. Sometimes I exaggerate my own cynicism for laughs. Sometimes the only laughs I get are my own.

See? Just like that.

But in all seriousness, thanks for the explanation. I'm certainly not displeased with the results! Superfogeys has been enjoyable to read so far, and I have no doubt that it will only become more enjoyable as the story develops. Moreover, I always enjoy overanalyzing everything ever, so the review is bound to be fun. :D

Mostly, I just want to make sure every comic gets a fair shot. Given that I'll most likely review all of these sooner or later, it's a pretty safe bet that they will.

Anonymous said...

I have mixed feeling with these poll things - as I have been involved in several lately. I'll speak candidly, although this really isn't the Eben07 method.

First, I'm really happy Superfogeys won. Brock's comic deserves the press and while fans want to help support - I think a lot of them grow tired quickly of being asked throughout the week to vote. We had a friendly rivalry with Brock all week as we both know each other's comics well and are fairly established readerships.

That said, it is still very hard to motivate myself and to catalyze my fans against a comic I really enjoy, and I really love Tuna Carpaccio, P.I., and they could certainly use & deserve the press.

The art and story of that comic should win industry awards and I'm certain it will when it gets the attention it is so worthy of getting.

With full respect to Jackson and his blog and what he's trying to do, I would like to withdraw Eben07 from this week's poll - I truely hope you'll consider Mongoose in the future, but I want to officially cast my vote for Tuna Carpaccio review.

Hopefully, D.Bethel has my back on this sentiment.

Jackson said...

Duly noted, Eben07. You are truly a gentleman and a secret agent!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackson - just count any votes for 07 toward Tuna ;) or however you see fit.