Friday, January 22, 2010

Other Things to Read

Hi, everyone. I'd hoped to be back from my hiatus by now, but things are impeding my content. Therefore, I present to you: other people's content!

First, freelance writer Amy Cook brings us The 50 Best Free Online Comic Strips You’ve Never Heard Of. You, my readers, have probably actually heard of a good deal of these, because you are so into webcomics like I am, but there are some sections of interest, including the bits on political comics (both left and right!) and the "Best Free Online Comic Books" section.

Second, an article I encountered at Progressive Boink, titled Webcomics Suck. In this article, Kyle discusses what he considers creative stagnation in some of the most popular webcomics. As you would expect, it's a highly critical article, but the interesting thing is that while I disagree with many of its points, I still think it brings up some worthwhile considerations.

Finally, The Webcomic Overlook recently reviewed Superfogeys. In case you've been wondering what someone else--someone who is more exacting of his online comics and less of a raving webcomics fanatic--has to say about Superfogeys, stop by The Webcomics Overlook and read Larry Cruz's review.

When will your regularly scheduled content resume? When indeed.


Luke Surl said...

"The 50 Best Free Online Comic Strips You’ve Never Heard Of"



This is a list of the 50 free online comics you've never heard of if you've heard of online comics before. XKCD is considered "one the lesser known free comic strips"

Jackson said...

Well, it's coming from a blog whose focus isn't even on comics, let alone webcomics. In a certain sense, Luke, it is not for us, in much the same way that Kevin Smith's movie Jersey Girl wasn't for critics.

Personally, I can respect Jim Davis for creating such an eminently marketable franchise as Garfield, even if the material is uninspired, and I don't think CAD is as atrocious as some people think (though it certainly has its atrocious moments--like today's strip, which I will not even link to because it's so awful and terrible). But I really don't get the XKCD "one the lesser known free comic strips" thing. It's the first fricking link that comes up when you google "webcomics."

Luke Surl said...

OK, and the "Webcomics suck" article is 4 years old.

Prestwick said...

Yeah, I feel really silly now I've sent a long e-mail debating with a writer who in those 4 years has probably read all of my other more recent webcomic suggestions.

Way to go Jackson :(

Jackson said...

Sorry, guys. I thought that even after four years it was still kind of relevant?