Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Weekly Wrap-up with Wes Molebash

If I were giving out some kind of award for building community, I would probably award it to Wes Molebash for what he's done with his latest comic, Max vs. Max. Several times a week, he posts a question to start some conversation, such as "What are the signs of a 'bad' webcomic?" or "Is it OK to read your Bible while sitting on the toilet?" People get talking, interaction happens. It's simple and effective.

But I'm writing this post to tell you about another of Wes' traditions: The Weekly Wrap-Up. Every Friday, he posts a run-down of posts from other blogs, comic strips he's enjoyed, the Tweet of the Week and/or Comment of the Week, and an inspiring (usually cartooning-related) video link that he's found. It's pretty cool, simply because it's a way of supporting cool stuff--it's a way that Max vs. Max points to stuff outside its own site and is like, "Hey, check this out."

And that's a good thing. You know I do the Pick of the Day thing on my Twitter, to share cool comics with you, so no surprise that I think it's a cool idea. When you share a cool comic, everyone wins. (I do tend to share strips from the same handful of comics, though. It's not a perfect thingy.)

I have some other thoughts on that, but for now it's about time to wrap this post up. For now, just wanted to give a shout out to the cool things that Wes is doing over at Max vs. Max. Check it out!


ZRobert said...

Thanks for sharing the Max vs. Max comics, I've just found out about them by reading your blogpost, they're great!

I've only recently started looking into webcomics more seriously, that's how I stumbled upon your blog. I'm doing a series myself called 'Exchange Alien', which I've just started posting up here on Blogger. Feel free to check if interested!
(so much for shameless self-advertising...)

Wes Molebash said...

Thanks for the kind words! I've been wondering if people liked the Weekly Wrap-Ups, so it's nice to get some feedback!