Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tweet Dreams

Yesterday, Book of Biff creator Chris Hallbeck posted the following on Twitter:
This morning I woke up from a dream about twitter. #whatdoesitmean

And sure enough, after reading that, I myself dreamed about Twitter last night. I dreamed about retweeting a Theater Hopper strip for Wednesday's Pick of the Day; I forget exactly what the joke was, but in classic form, TH cartoonist Tom Brazelton was making fun of his inner Iron Man fanboy. I then dreamed about reading a webcomic titled "Terry and John's Guide to Time Travel," in which the titular characters attempt every bad time travel idea in the book. The particular strip I read featured Terry going back in time to try to eat his past self alive.

What the crud, subconscious.


Chris Hallbeck said...

Let me know what you would like to dream about tonight and I'll send out the tweet.

Jackson said...

I own a dragon-propelled zeppelin, and the pilot is a redhead. Make it happen.

Ari Collins said...

That dreamt webcomic sounds like a feasible idea. Fease it. Fease the living hell out of it.