Friday, August 1, 2008

Today we're gonna try something different, webcomic enthusiasts.

Today it's your turn. I want you to tell me what webcomic strip you liked from this week. Think back over the past week, and remember a comic that was funny or awesome or had great artwork or writing or was otherwise memorably great. Drop a comment and tell us about it! I'll start things off with my share: Real Life this week has followed the nightmarish ordeal that Greg Dean endured to retrieve an important package while at the San Diego Comic-Con. It's been an ongoing saga worthy of Nobody Scores, the king of disaster comics.

The review of Dresden Codak that I promised is still in the pipes. I'll definitely have it for you by Sunday evening.


abbreviatedman said...

Technically it was last Friday, but this Dinosaur Comics was, to me, one of the better-written ones lately. (For obvious reasons I am not focusing on the art here.) It takes a pretty universal concept - how we associate songs with time periods in our memories - and plays with it.

That's when Dinosaur comics is at its best: when the writing is playful. Dinosaur comics always cheers me up, because it contains a sense of ever-youthful wonder and glee.


Jackson said...

I totally agree with you about when Dinosaur Comics is at the top of its game, Ari--and so does Joey Comeau! He recently interviewed Ryan North, and they both agreed that Dinosaur Comics is pretty relentlessly upbeat.

Some of my favorite Dinosaur Comics are the ones where he plays with the static nature of the artwork--such as the mirror-universe story arc, or this comic about obnoxious techno-music-blaring neighbors, or this comic, in which the entire top row of panels is revealed to be T-Rex's thoughts concurrent to a conversation with Utahraptor.

As for the comic you linked to, the most striking thing about it--for me--is how it spawned a truly amazing mashup/remix.