Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Surprise Post!

Hey, it's Dan again, doing a completely unsolicited (and therefore unapproved) little spot.

Basically I'd like to call your attention to Ozy and Millie, which somehow I've never mentioned before. It's a sweet and intelligent strip, and even though it's run forever (since 1998!), a read through the archives is, in my opinion, completely necessary. And to think that I thought talking animals were overdone.

I would also like to point out SuperFogeys, which I just now decided is one of my favorites. Superheroes and super-villains in an old age home together? Awesome sauce.

And...that's enough for now. Also, hilarious. Enjoy! And please don't hurt me, Jackson.


Brock said...

Hey Dan, thanks for checking SF out! Really glad you enjoyed it. Hope it continues to please. I'll be sure and return the favor...right now in fact.

Jackson said...

I decidedly approve of unapproved posts.

DanEcht said...

Thank goodness!

Brock Heasley said...

Hey guys, I alerted Frumph over at Frumph.net to your blog and he added a feed to the front page of his website to link back to you. He's hoping to get your permission to do this and you can check it out at www.frumph.net He really likes what you're doing.

You guys on Twitter? You can find both Frumph and I there and that's where a lot of this dicussion went down. Click on my name attached to this comment to see my Twitter page. Thanks!