Thursday, August 6, 2009

7/6: Bullet Points

Sometimes it's a good day for webcomics--or at least for the webcomics that you follow. Today gave me more than enough cool material for a week-in-review post, which was convenient, because I'm planning on doing the Marooned review for tomorrow. Gentlemen, behold: entertainment!
  • Terence N. Tijuana gives three gags for the price of one: canceled meetings and time travel paradoxes.
  • This week at The Book of Biff, all comics have the caption "Not all hobbies can be combined successfully," with a variety of hilarious results. The failed hobby combinations start here.
  • Over at Real Life, Pepsi Natural presents new challenges for Greg's Pepsi fanaticism
  • At Blank It: as the new, phantomesque, unnamed female cast member loses her cool, we get to see what she looks like in color. It comes as no surprise that she's quite pretty.

Additionally, I've happened across some cool comic-related things today (and yesterday) that aren't recent updates, so I'm gonna pull an Unwinder and link indiscriminately here...

Stumble Across Cool Things Theater
I had an amusing idea for a banner for this but it would take too long to draw

Enjoy the excellent comics, and I will see you tomorrow.


DJ Trousdale said...

I loved those Olive Garden comics. YA'LL GOT PANCAKES?

George said...

Terence N. Tijuana and Crowbar Benson are great comics! I read 'em regularly.