Monday, April 6, 2009

Poll Results: The Readers Have Spoken

Behold the voice of the people!

The results are pretty clear: you want more reviews! To a lesser extent, you also want more interviews, and free waffles. There are numerous opportunities for me to do reviews: ranging from my long-promised review of Rice Boy (I haven't forgotten!), to another entry in my Jump Leads review series once Issue #5 is completed, to any one of the comics from Recommendation Rampage Friday. Interviews should be quite possible as well--I've actually got one in the pipes at present. As for the free waffles...well, that's a bit trickier, but I'll see what I can do.

I'm going out of town this weekend to visit friends in NC for Easter, so this week's post will be on Thursday. See you then!

EDIT (4/7): Somehow I neglected to mention The Book of Biff's April Fool's Day joke. In the same vein of last year's "eyebrows stunt," we have the April Fool's version and the revised "official" version of the strip in question. Dated news, sure, but I'm nothing if not thorough, and there's an extra "layer" of joke there for regular Biff readers.


Ben @ Jump Leads said...

Might interest you to know that Jump Leads #5 will be wrapping up very soon, and tomorrow's page features a very interesting plot development.


Jackson said...

Thanks for the inside tip-off, Ben. I'm planning to read through Jump Leads #5 in a single sitting as soon as it's finished up.