Monday, June 1, 2009

6/1: A Few Items of News

Welcome to a new week and a new month, everyone. Let's kick June off with a few items of webcomic news.

First: This past Friday, Luke Surl wrapped up his guest artist month, which has featured comics written by Luke and drawn by other cartoonists. The guest artist month showcases a variety of cartooning styles, including some instances of particularly good cartoon artwork and entertaining comics about Superman. For tasty humor in a variety of art styles, you may begin reading with the first comic in the series.

Second: Gunnerkrigg Court similarly completed a change of pace from its usual art on Friday, with its short comic story "City Face." A story about a lovestruck pigeon only tangentially related to the world of Gunnerkrigg Court, City Face features several funny moments and a hilarious ongoing commentary about the "casting," "filming," and "production" of the comic. Throw in a twist ending, and you've got yourself a thoroughly amusing diversion. I especially liked the pigeons' style of speech.

Road Crew, the comic about those underappreciated behind-the-scenes workers who make the rock-and-roll happen, has recently started up a new storyline, "The Legend of the Golden Kick Drum Mic." Protagonist Jim Soundman, having died and gone to heaven, must return to the land of the living, undertake three trials, and find the legendary kick-drum mic in order to become "King of the Crews." It looks to be an entertaining story for music enthusiasts, drawn in Road Crew's appropriately funky art style. I'd also like to remind readers that Road Crew is intended for mature audiences.

Which brings us to our final item of news: the website Family Webcomics. A useful tool for parents and anyone concerned about the content of online comics, Family Webcomics gives comic listings, content ratings, and detailed information on the content of each listed comic. Additionally, it features several comics suitable for all ages under the FWC banner. Webcomics run the gamut in terms of content, so I'm glad to see a resource like this.


speearr said...

Dude you need to drop the "www" from the Family Webcomics' link.

Jackson said...

Thanks for the catch, speearrman. See, folks, this is what happens when you type links from memory instead of copy-pasting them.