Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks for the Links

Recently a handful of sites have linked to this blog--sites that are worth visiting in their own right--so I wanted to take a moment and give a few shout outs to a handful of TWIW linkers.

Registered Weapon: The guys from RW have been linking to This Week in Webcomics for a long time now. RW is a gritty-humor cop comic; its protagonists are seasoned, hardheaded detective Frank Gorman, and his artificial-intelligence cash-register partner Detective FELIX. Yes, an AI cash register. It's a very weird comic.

Firman Productions: Michael Firman's site is home to the tastefully crass webcomic "Moe." It's also home to a recent blogpost that linked to TWIW. If you follow my Twitter feed, you've probably seen a link or two to Moe as a "Pick of the Day."

Webcomic Finds: a blog with a very similar focus to this one--finding and talking about good webcomics--but with more organization. Ping Teo relates her online comic discoveries in various categories: "Journey Legs" (full-length reviews), Postcards (short, requested reviews), Hotspots (rants and brainstorming), Pinging Art (art-centric entries), and Stopovers (short news items, etc.). In a recent "Stopover," Ping plugged my review of Rice Boy--thanks, Ping!
UPDATE: As you can see from the comments below, Webcomic Finds recently changed its name and URL to I've changed the links accordingly!

Artpatient: Delos has linked to a variety of TWIW's features and entries from his blog, Artpatient. The "Strip News" feature at his blog is very handy; it is essentially like reading every webcomics blog at once.

The Webcomic Overlook: Larry "El Santo" Cruz does some of the most balanced webcomic reviewing I've seen. You can always count on him to deliver a reasonable assessment and give each comic he reviews a fair shake. He also links to various pieces of webcomic news--including, from time to time, this blog.

Props to y'all, linkers. Peace out.


Anonymous said...

I think I can speak for most of us on the list when I say we all appreciate the shout-out.

Those others are some good folks on your list and they deserve more readers.


Jackson said...

You're quite welcome for the shout-out, Delos.

I'm sort of ambivalent about people in general paying lots of attention to webcomic blogs, for basically the same reason that Theodore Roosevelt said, "It is not the critic who counts...The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena." People don't want to read good webcomic reviews--the reviews are just a means to the end of finding and reading good webcomics. I do believe we webcomic reviewers provide a useful service, and that's why from time to time I link to my fellow critics, but the real heroes here are the cartoonists who produce quality comics day in and day out.

Ping @ Phalanx said...

Most welcome :)

By that way it was really bad of me, but I renamed my blog right about you linked it... so it's Lonely Panel (http// now


Ping @ Phalanx said...

Although I have to disagree about the reason people read webcomic blogs. Different people do it for different reasons... It's never just one.

Yes some do do it to discover new stuff, but a lot of people I know like reading reviews of comics they have already read. There are several reasons they do this, ranging from wanting to know how other people feel about the comic they read and whether it conforms to what they think, and to also possibly spot other details about the comic that they have missed.

Of course creators enjoy reading reviews of their own comics, since it often contains a lot of valuable feedback. And in a way, it's a form of recognition as well.

Jackson said...

Fair enough, Ping...I stand corrected. :) I do think that reading good comics is at the core of the endeavor, but I'll agree that there are more facets to that than I first thought to point out in my above comment.