Friday, June 26, 2009

Hi! Jen Mau here guest blogging while Jackson's on vacation. As a female, something that I greatly appreciate is an emerging awareness of talented female webcartoonists, and I decided that my update would highlight some of my favorites :)

Girls With Slingshots - Danielle knows how to keep it classy with a storyline (started last week) about Hazel's gassy kitty. My favorite from this week combines a fart joke with a pun.

Octopus Pie (kinda) - With Meredith moving from Easthampton, MA to Portland OR, she has enlisted some very talented webcartoonists to provide some guest strips. My favorite is the one done by Erika Moen, with Eve's line in the last panel super-awesome. And speaking of Erika...

DAR - I really appreciate that Erika Moen is open and willing to share her personal experiences regarding her sexuality (although this particular strip is ok, a lot of her strips are NSFW), but from the stories she's told it really sucks that, as a lesbian who's married to a guy, she gets a lot of flack from a lot of people. However, based on her ustreams, tweets, and other interactions with webcartoonists that are chronicled on the internet (I'm hoping she'll be at SPX becuase I would love to meet her), she seems like a really sweet person.

Bobwhite - My dear Magnolia never ceases to amuse with her hilarious webcomic. The last panel of this strip, with "UNFOLLOW" in giant orange block letters, is the best. I also love her "Rejected Bobwhite Storylines" strip from today - it's so cheeky I love it!

Of course, this is just a tiny drop in the bucket - there are a bajillion more where these came from :) I hope you enjoy these and that you have a wonderful weekend!


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